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Dog Potty Training: It’s Never Too Late

This is all for you dog or new puppy owners who are still having issues with house potty training your dogs. Take heart, its never too late. I know it can be frustrating to deal with a dog that just can’t seem to get the idea that he/she is supposed to go outside to use the bathroom and that the living room carpet is not his/her own personal latrine, but understanding that you are in control in and of this situation is the first step in correcting the problem. Here are a few more ideas that will help you help your dog find the right bathroom spot.

Come up with a bathroom phrase. The bathroom phrase is a priceless step in the house training process. This phrase should be short but to the point and it should be something that you do not normally use around the house. Here are some examples of commonly used house training bathroom phrases:

Break time, hit the zone, make sissy, potty time

You can be creative or you can steal one of these phrases, but you decide now what your bathroom phrase is to be. I mean it, stop reading and decide.

Its never Too Late

Okay, you’ve got your bathroom phrase; now do not utter these words in any other situation than bathroom time. This phrase is only to be said where your dog uses the bathroom. If he/she uses the bathroom outside then you only use the phrase outside. If you have a puppy and your using a Wee Wee pad then you only use the phrase while your puppy is on the Wee Wee pad. Helpful Hint: Using the leash really helps in this situation.

Now, you’re using the bathroom phrase, your dog is going in the right place, Precise Recognition. Meaning when your dog eliminates in the right place, praise them! Well this is where things get a little tricky. Saying, “good boy” or “good girl” isn’t enough, it’s not precise enough. You give your dog praise for so many different things that saying “good boy/girl” can be somewhat confusing to your dog. You must praise him/her with the bathroom phrase. For example, “Good break time, Peanut!” or “Good make sissy, Peanut!” You have to get the point across that this is the exact action that makes you happy.

Potty training takes time and consistent effort on your part. This is not a quick fix but the more consistent you are, the faster your dog will catch on. If you find a puddle or a pile you must not yell at your dog and do not rub their nose nose it, just clean up the mess and vow not to let your dog run around the house unattended for now. Just remember to be consistent and don’t let potty training come in between you and your dog.

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