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Josh and Scout, A Patriot and His Companion Cat 

Josh & Scout” is the fourth film by Mutual Rescue and the third of the series they launched with PetSmart Charities for 2017.

Josh was wounded in battle in Iraq when an explosive detonated within feet of him. Multiple concussions sustained from the attack led to constant headaches and he developed extreme anxiety, depression and PTSD. Suffering in silence from these “invisible wounds,” Josh reached the point where he had decided to end his life. That’s when a small meow from the bushes outside his barracks changed everything.

As Josh sat outside in the rain at the height of his PTSD and depression, he heard a cry from the bushes and found a tiny cat there looking up at him. Moved deeply that this little soul had found him just when he needed someone most, Josh turned his focus to caring for the stray cat, whom he named Scout.

Josh and Scout are the subject of the latest film from Mutual Rescue™, an animal-welfare initiative of Humane Society Silicon Valley. Mutual Rescue’s mission is to highlight the life-changing power of human-animal relationships.

Josh and Scout two

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