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  • Why You Should Talk To Your Dog
    Why You Should Talk To Your Dog
    It is known that talking to one’s baby improves bonding between parent and child. Well, many pet owners view their pets as their own children, but does talking to your dog in the same way as you would a human infant have the same bonding effect? A...
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  • Keeping Your Dog Calm This summer
    Keeping Your Dog Calm This Summer
    Every year, countless American dogs panic, hide, or even run away on July 4, terrified by the loud fireworks and boisterous barbecues that their humans enjoy so much. For many dogs and dog owners, Independence Day, as well as the rest of summer, can be an unhappy...
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  • Protect Your Dog From Dog Park Bullies
    Protect Your Dog From Dog Park Bullies
    Dog parks can be a great place to let your dog socialize and burn off some excess energy. But can you tell when play between dogs has gone from fun roughhousing to bullying? Check out these tips: How to Spot a Dog-Park Bully Bullying means one dog...
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  • U.S. Postal Service Releases Annual Dog Attack City Rankings
    U.S. Postal Service Releases Annual Dog Attack City Rankings
    SAN DIEGO — The number of postal employees attacked by dogs nationwide reached 6,244 in 2017 — more than 500 fewer than 2016. Today, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is showcasing technology that alerts mail carriers of potential attacks while releasing its annual list of cities where...
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  • Ten Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner
    Ten Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner
    Studies have shown that just watching cat videos on the internet can boost a person’s energy and create positive emotions—so it’s no surprise that actual cat ownership has a number of benefits. Here are a few: 1. OWNING A CAT IS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. If you’re...
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  • Boredom Busters for cats
    Boredom Busters For Cats
    When the weather is beautiful, many of us spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. As a result, your cat is left at home alone more often than in other times. Cats make great companions and because of their independent nature, they are content being home alone....
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  • Five Tips for Solving Behavior Problems Home
    Five Tips for Solving Behavior Problems
    By Barbara Heidenreich Parrots can provide us with great joy in our lives. However, at times their behavior seems completely inappropriate for the home. Sometimes these unwanted behaviors can lead to desperate efforts to find a new home for a beloved parrot. While some unwanted behavior may...
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  • Dog Therapists
    Pet Therapy Can Combat Homesickness
    The expression “dog is man’s best friend” might have more weight in the case of first-year university students suffering from homesickness, according to a new UBC study. The study shows that animal-assisted therapy can help students combat homesickness and could be a useful tool in lowering post-secondary drop-out...
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  • Does_my_pet_need_digestive_support
    Does My Pet Need Probiotics?
    By Shelly Allen Does your pet need probiotics? To answer that, I’ll need to tell you a story. I once had a cat named, Mystique. It was the perfect name for her as she was full of mystery and quite a hard nut to crack. I had...
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  • Old Dog New Tricks
    Teaching an older dog new tricks: Six things you should know
    More people are adopting older dogs, according to recent news reports and books, but this raises a question: Can you actually train an older dog? The answer is a resounding yes, in spite of the time-worn cliché that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So...
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  • Dog and owners heart rates synch
    Biofields? Dogs hearts found to beat in sync with their owners
    The concept of biofields – fields of energy that extend beyond the body – forms the major basis of many types of traditional, holistic and alternative medicine. Now, scientific support for this idea may have come in the form of an experiment performed on owners and their...
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  • dogs playing
    Chemicals in Dogs: 5 Red-Flag Warnings We Can’t Ignore
    Whether your dog is cuddly and cute or tough, steadfast and stoic, most American canines have one thing in common: Chemicals in dogs are now detected at alarming levels, sometimes at levels 20+ times higher than what we’re seeing in humans. So what are the biggest threats...
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  • Josh and Scout
    Josh and Scout, A Patriot and His Companion Cat 
    “Josh & Scout” is the fourth film by Mutual Rescue and the third of the series they launched with PetSmart Charities for 2017. Josh was wounded in battle in Iraq when an explosive detonated within feet of him. Multiple concussions sustained from the attack led to constant...
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  • Its never Too Late
    Dog Potty Training: It’s Never Too Late
    This is all for you dog or new puppy owners who are still having issues with house potty training your dogs. Take heart, its never too late. I know it can be frustrating to deal with a dog that just can’t seem to get the idea that he/she...
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  • Phosphates: The Pollution Question
    Phosphates: The Pollution Question
    As anyone who has an aquarium, be it salt or fresh water knows phosphates are a double edged sword. Too little phosphates means unhealthy fish, too many phosphates means unhealthy fish, with aquariums keeping a balance is a must. o what are the actions of phosphates and...
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  • Benefits of music for cats
    The Benefits of Music for Cats
    Does your cat disapprove of your taste in music? There’s a reason for that! Research shows that cats are more likely to be interested in cat music than human music, says Charles T. Snowdon , a Hilldale Professor Emeritus in the department of psychology at the University...
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  • 11 Tips to Introduce Dogs
    11 Tips to Introduce Dogs to New People and Other Dogs
    Introducing a shy or fearful dog to a new situation can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! These tips will help you ensure that your dog feels confident and comfortable around new pets and people. Does your dog hide behind you at the park when other...
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  • Couples with pets
    Five Couples Who Met Because of Their Pets
    People meet in all sorts of ways, but these couples have their pets to thank for their love connection! These stories of love, and how pets can bring people together, will truly warm your heart: Dog Portrait Dawn Maslar and her partner Ed Biggie of Davie, Florida...
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  • Right Breed
    Breeds of Dogs — How Do You Find the Right One for You?
    Dogs are full of personality, as are their owners! Here’s how to find a dog breed that matches your temperament and lifestyle. Breeds of dogs each have their own distinctive personalities and energy levels, just like their human counterparts, so how do you pick your new pooch...
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  • Dog Personalities
    10 Dog Personalities You Might Be Able To Relate To
    Here are 10 dog personalities that you might be able to relate to: 1.Labrador Retriever: The First Crush Labrador retrievers tend to be outgoing and friendly. As a person, a Lab would likely be the romantic comedy-esque Romeo who caught your eye. Even if you don’t stay...
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  • Cat Pee
    What to Do When Your Cat Thinks Outside the Box
    Kitty’s marking up the house, and you need to get rid of that cat pee smell pronto. From hard surfaces to your couch cushions, you can make your home odor-free once again!  That wet spot on your family room carpet isn’t apple juice your toddler spilled. Fluffy...
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  • Find Pee Smell
    How To Find That Cat Pee Smell
    Where is that cat pee smell coming from? Cats can pee in the most unlikely places. Locate the cat urine odor in your home with these top tips. According to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, there are varied reasons why your cat might be thinking outside...
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  • Parrot not for Everyone
    A Pet Parrot Isn’t for Everyone
    Good Pet Parrots Don’t Just Happen Is a pet parrot right for everyone? Absolutely not! In the past years there have been newspaper articles and television programs proclaiming parrots as an easy-care pet. Whoever produced these articles and programs either never owned a parrot, or if they...
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  • Is your dog sick
    Is Your Dog Sick?
    Since your dog can’t talk, it’s important to know when your dog is not feeling well as it might be sick. The normal temperature of a healthy dog is about 101-102 F. The best times to walk a dog during hot days is either early in the...
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  • Choose a shelter dog
    Adopting a Shelter or Rescue Dog & Making It Work
    There are always a wide variety of dog breeds in every size, shape, and color available at the animal shelter. And there are, unfortunately, new dogs arriving on a daily basis. If you take the time to choose a shelter dog, and take the time to train...
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  • Cat Grass: How To Create The Purrfect Garden For Your Cat
    Cat Grass: How To Create The Purrfect Garden For Your Cat
    Even though they are carnivores, cats seem to like a bit of greenery in their diets. Most cat owners are aware of their pets’ propensity for eating grass or houseplants. Cats in the wild usually eat their herbivorous prey’s intestines first and seem to get their “green...
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  • Potty Train Bird
    Potty Training Your Bird In 72 Hours
    Parrots in the wild develop a habit of defecating in certain areas and under certain conditions as a matter of survival. We know most breeding hens will sit on eggs all night long without leaving the nest and defecating. We know parrots that are territorial during their...
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  • Benji Under Car
    Benji was homeless his whole life…then this happened
    When Hope for Paws got the call they weren’t real sure what to expect. One thing that is for sure is that there are few animals on the planet as resilient as the dog. Benji is the epitome of why dogs are called mans best friend. Take a...
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  • Resolutions
    RESOLUTIONS: Americans Want More QT With Pets
    According to the 2016 Milk-Bone Canine Resolutions Survey — an original survey of 3,000 U.S. “pet parents” by Milk-Bone brand dog treats (in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights) — more Americans than ever before have dog-related resolutions for the new year. TOP 10 MOST POPULAR NEW YEAR’S...
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  • Power of Energy
    The Power of Energy in Health and Healing
    By Bill Piechocki Maintaining our pets’ health often seems like a very complex issue. First we have veterinary medicine, with its’ approach that drugs and procedures are necessary to be healthy which makes this even more confusing and complicated. In addition, factor in our hectic lifestyles and...
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  • Houshold Perils
    Potential Household Perils to Your Parrot
    By Richard Horvitz It is important to understand some potential perils pertaining to parrot possession that may not apply to other pets. What follows is a list of household dangers to your parrot that you may or may not be aware of. 1. Teflon Teflon is DANGEROUS...
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  • Memo to cat and dog
    Memo to the Family Dog and Cat
    By: Anonymous Dear Dog and Cat, When I say “move”, it means someplace else, it doesn’t mean switch positions with each other so there are still two of you in the way. The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. The other dishes...
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  • Cats...Or Dogs? It's an Undying Question
    Cats…Or Dogs? It’s an Undying Question
    By Shelly Allen here is much ado about which animal makes for a better companion, but the one thing I know for certain is that personality has a lot to do with which animal suits you best. I don’t have the expertise to give you the scientific...
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  • Better cure for cancer
    A Better Cure for Cancer in Pets Could Be through Diet…
    Published research on the “war against cancer” has been available for some time and the results sure look good. r. Thomas Seyfried, one of the leading pioneer academic researchers has been promoting cancer treatment through nutrition. He has been teaching neurogenetics and neurochemistry as it relates to...
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  • nutritious bird diet
    Components of a Nutritious Bird Diet
    By Vanessa Rolfe, DVM, Dipl.ABVP Is YOUR bird getting what it needs to live a long, healthy life? utrition is a very important part of how we can shape health in our companion birds and keep them thriving. Many of the health problems that I see in...
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  • Dog in cabinet
    Top 10 Holistic Home Remedies for Pets
    By: Dr Carol Falck Top 10 Holistic Home Remedies for Pets In a pinch with your pooch or kitty? You may not need to look any further than your own pantry to treat your pets ailments. Consider these top 10 common items: I advise you to work...
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  • Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo
    Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo
    All About the Majestic Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Red-tailed black cockatoos are around 24 inches in length and sexually dimorphic. The male’s plumage is all black with a prominent black crest made up of elongated feathers from the forehead and crown. The bill is dark grey. The tail is also black with two lateral...
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  • The Nose Knows: Cats’ Amazing Sense of Scent
    The Nose Knows: Cats’ Amazing Sense of Scent
    Cats’ Amazing Sense of Scent Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than a human’s? That is because its total nasal organ is comparatively larger than that of a human. Cats depend on their sense of smell for their very survival;...
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  • Disaster Preparation for Pets
    Disaster Preparation for Pets
    Baseline Pet Emergency Preparedness How-To’s When a natural disaster threatens, or actually occurs, the ensuing chaos and confusion can make it difficult to ensure pets are aptly safeguarded for the event both physically and emotionally, and that a pet owner’s home duly equipped for the crisis at...
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  • Pets Need To Detox Too!
    Pets Need To Detox Too!
    Pets Need To Detox Too! OUR PETS ARE INCLUDED IN OUR FAST-PACED WORLD Like humans, our pets are also included in our fast-paced world of convenience items. It may not be fast food restaurants like humans, however your pet has probably been fed a commercial dry diet...
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  • FDA and AAFCO Approved Foods...What is really in them?
    FDA and AAFCO Approved Foods…What is really in them?
    FDA and AAFCO Approved Foods… What is really in them? Many pet owners are under the misconception that pet food is highly regulated under FDA food safety regulations. In reality, most have been under the discretion of Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and major food manufacturers. AAFCO...
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  • Hot Weather Dog Care
    Hot Weather Dog Care
    Hot Weather Dog Care When the lazy days of barbecues and swimming pools roll around, you can make them even better by sharing them with your favorite pet. By following a few summer pet safety tips, you can keep your animal friends healthy and enjoy the months...
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  • Why Bird Toys Are Important
    Why Bird Toys Are Important
    Why Bird Toys Are Important Many bird owners take great care in providing an enticing and nutritional diet for their birds. Additionally, they physically play and cuddle with their birds and spend hours teaching them to talk, sing and whistle. However, many birds belong to a single parent or parents who both work...
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  • How To Keep Your Dog Healthy
    How To Keep Your Dog Healthy
    How To Keep Your Dog Healthy In the last 50 years or so, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Dogs are getting serious diseases at younger ages and are living shorter lives. Clearly something is profoundly wrong with the current model of canine health care. What has happened in these years to...
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  • Why do people say cats have nine lives?
    Why do people say cats have nine lives?
    Why do people say cats have nine lives? Some people believe in the superstition that cats have nine lives, because cats can survive falls from high places with few, if any injuries. This gives the appearance that the cats return to life after sustaining a fatal accident. Granted, they may sustain minor injuries,...
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  • Three Misconceptions About Living With Parrots
    Three Misconceptions About Living With Parrots
    Three Misconceptions About Living With Parrots If you are looking to get a pet bird or already have one, chances are your favorite aunt or a well-meaning co-worker has filled you in on what a parrot brings to your home. You probably heard all the stories about the “worst parrot ever” and about...
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  • Bad Human! Training Yourself to Train Your Dog
    Bad Human! Training Yourself to Train Your Dog
    Bad Human! Training Yourself to Train Your Dog One of my mother’s favorite television shows is The Dog Whisperer, a National Geographic Channel program starring the dog behaviorist Cesar Millan and many ill-behaved pooches of all breeds. After watching the show with her for the second time, I rolled my eyes...
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  • The Big Black Lab
    The Big Black Lab
    The Big Black Lab They told me the big black Lab’s name was Reggie, as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly. I’d only been in the area for six months, but everywhere I went in...
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  • Basic Rules For Cats
    Basic Rules For Cats
    Basic Rules For Cats DOORS: Do not allow closed doors in any room. To get door opened, stand on hind legs and hammer with forepaws. Once door is opened, it is not necessary to use it. After you have ordered an “outside” door opened, stand halfway in...
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  • Feather Picking Plaguing Your Parrot?
    Feather Picking Plaguing Your Parrot?
    Feather Picking Plaguing Your Parrot?   Feather picking or plucking (of­ten called “Feather Destruction Behavior” or FDB) is a problem that plagues many of our compan­ion parrots. It apparently does not affect wild parrots and seems to be a ‘disease of captivity.” It can exist to a...
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  • The Kitten
    The Kitten
    Dwight Nelson recently told a true story about the pastor of his church who had a kitten that climbed up a tree in his backyard and then was afraid to come down. The pastor coaxed, offered warm milk, etc. The kitty would not come down. The tree...
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  • A Dog's Purpose
    A Dog’s Purpose
      Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog’s owners, Ron, his wife Lisa , and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found...
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  • Finding A Lost Pet
    Finding A Lost Pet
    Your pet is lost! What should you do? Here is a time line for immediate action, what to do after two hours, two days and beyond.   Don’t Waste Time! Get a couple people to work in an organized way simultaneously. In the first two hours, ask...
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  • Don't Talk To My Parrot
    Don’t Talk To My Parrot
      Wanda’s dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, “I’ll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I’ll mail you a check. Oh,...
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  • What would happen to them?
    If anything happened to you… What Would Happen To Your Pet?
      Make sure you have a plan in place to guarantee the lifetime care for YOUR pets. Components of a lifetime care plan: Step 1: Identify Caregivers. Identify people who could step in to take short term care of your pets in the hours, days, or weeks...
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  • Ending the Euthanasia Cycle
    Ending the Euthanasia Cycle with No Kill
    As Americans, we adore our companion animals. We spend our weekends at local dog parks, buy expensive organic pet food, and rush them to the vet at the first sign of trouble. We spend between $50 and $60 billion on them annually, and often put their needs...
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  • Why We Scratch
    Us Cats – Why We Love Scratching
    Cats are affectionate pets, but they are also instinctual predators. Way before they became domesticated pets, cats were hunters who had to stalk game, catch their food, scale trees, run, and hide. For all those reasons, they were gifted with sharp claws so they would be able...
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  • No More No
    No More “No” With Dog Training
    Modern dog training is reward based, which means we reward behaviors we want repeated, and ignore or re-direct those we want eliminated. Continually saying, “No!” draws attention to the wrong behavior. As parents, surely, you’ve heard the saying, “Negative attention is better than no attention.” Dogs have...
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  • Companion Parrot Ownership: What You Need to Know
    Companion Parrot Ownership: What You Need to Know
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people approach me when I am out and about with my 12 year old Umbrella Cockatoo who begin with, “I used to have a (insert type of parrot here) but I had to get rid of it because (insert...
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