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HammerHAMMER, Rhodesian Ridgeback:
Strong and formidable, yet a gentle giant. He picked his Mom and stayed there till the end. Memories of running through the garden with his dog friends like a herd of horses. Proud, always watchful, whether for protection or “cookie time,” his favorite book title! The Adventures of Hammer.
From Lisa Holland

SimbaSIMBA, Rhodesian Ridgeback:
While staying true to her Rhodesian Ridgeback heritage of independence was always a loving spirit of people, animals, & flowers too! She kept her love of life despite living with cancer for her last four years. A trooper till the end. Always holding a special place in her heart for her Daddy, Tom.
From Lisa Holland

Lil-BitLIL BIT, Chihuahua:
I miss your little face and especially our cuddle time together. Mommy loves u so much!
From Marie Burkhardt

“Curly, we will miss you! He was sweet with a sense of humor and lots of personality. He will be in our hearts forever.”  From Old Dog Senior Dog Sanctuary

“Murphy Brown thank you for teaching me to advocate for better Vet care. I miss you steeling my hats!”  From Caroline Clore

“Stiquey, I still miss your wet nose and your sassy spirit. Love to the other side”…Mama

Cravelli-BoxCRAVELLI, Citron Crested Cockatoo:
Always cautious and certainly cute. You are a treasure, your humans love you to the moon!
From Alicia Polacek

OliverOLIVER, Plain Ole’ Black Cat:
My little Oliver, you got spunk, kid! Your personality brings me joy, whether you are sitting quietly or chasing a toy. May we have many years of cuddly nights ahead!
From Shelly Allen




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